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Accelerate your business with our high-performance WAN solution

Choosing the right Wide Area Network (WAN) provider saves you money, simplifies management and increases agility.

Based on fully resilient Layer 2 100GigE Network, our low latency fully managed WAN service enables you to prioritise your business-critical applications and drive your business forward.

Extend your LAN into your WAN with IntaCloud’s VPLS Service

VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology that allows geographically-diverse locations to connect together as if on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

Intelligent dynamic distribution of bandwidth and six levels of CoS enables you to manage your WAN to best support your business communications and applications. VPLS effectively extends the plug-and-play functionality from the LAN across a wide area Network, allowing Customers to control their own IP addressing schema and routing. Achieve high performance with high capacity 100GigE network, with almost non-existent packet loss and guaranteed ultra-low latency (no router hops).


In a digital world where business agility is critical, enterprises continue to adopt Cloud as part of their business strategy, driving the necessity for agile, flexible and scalable WAN solutions that can guarantee a seamless and private connection. And enterprises want it now, not six months later. Gone are the days of WAN-as-a-bottleneck and complex IP VPN’s. ISD-WAN delivers your private WAN connection as fast as we can deliver the CPE router to your premises. IntaCloud can offer SDN from your office premises all the way in to the Data Centre.

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