Cross Connects

IntaCloud DC Connect allows customers to connect directly with any number of third parties within a data centre. Because our data centres are truly neutral, we are able to offer customers direct connectivity to Carriers, other service providers, Cloud Service Providers, Internet Exchanges, Financial trading platforms, and Content providers.

DC Connect Usage

  • Enterprises use DC Connect to establish private or hybrid Cloud services with Cloud Service Providers.
  • Enterprises connecting critical applications to multiple networks for redundancy and price competitiveness.
  • Electronic trading exchanges running DC Connects between servers in data centres to maximise trades processed per second and eliminate milliseconds of latency.
  • Content companies streaming video sites use data centre interconnects to link to carriers and ISP’s that serve their end users.
  • Cloud Service Providers reducing latency to end-users by running data centre interconnects in the same data centre to networks and ISP’s serving their end users.

Product features

DC Connect can link you directly to Carriers, Internet and Cloud Service Providers, Internet Exchanges, Financial Exchanges, content distributors and any other enterprise.

Data Connect offers the following features as standard:

  • Direct connections using your choice of media, including copper and fibre
  • Connector types to meet your needs, including LC, ST, SC, RJ45, etc.
  • Terminated by you or by using IntaCloud Remote Hands
  • Tested, labelled, and service assured

Prior to delivery, we will help you with media and connector decisions to meet your technical requirements.

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