InCloud Sync

Enabling collaboration and control for your users and business

Our InCloud Sync solution is an enterprise-grade file sharing and mobile collaboration tool that enables users to access their files/folders from any device, whether they are online or offline.

Users can finally get access to their business files in just a few simple steps, thanks to the combination of a highly secure file sync and rich mobile and web experience. All whilst the IT department can ensure security, manageability and control of the system – with the added bonus of retaining UK Data Sovereignty.

Redefine collaboration. The way users work is changing, and to align with that the IT systems businesses provide must change too.

File access from anywhere

Unlike other solutions, InCloud Sync conforms to the way your individual users work. There is no need to store documents in designated folders or drives, instead, users are able to build and create their drive as works best for them – enabling an increase in productivity.

InCloud Sync is a highly flexible and reliable solution designed not to slow you down, and instead provide users with everything they need wherever they might be.

No need to access files via a tenuous VPN link or upload folders/files to a web portal first. InCloud Sync works fluidly with you, providing a seamless storage solution in the background.

What are the key benefits of InCloud Sync?

  • Mobility – Access full functionality, and all of your files, across any device and from any location.
  • Sharing and Collaboration – Make working on team projects easy, whilst controlling document access with permission level settings.
  • Policies and Control – Restrict or enable access dependant on the group-level policy and user access requirements.
  • Administration – Control the system from a group and user basis, and brand File, Sync and Share with your own company logo and brand style.
  • Cloud Storage– Ensure your files and data are stored in a secure and cost-effective way with Cloud Storage, with the added benefit of 99.999999999% data resiliency and seamless ingress/egress.
  • Integration – InCloud Sync works with a number of operating systems and is mobile-optimised for smartphone devices.
  • Reporting – Create and produce usage reports based on users, files, device and folders.
  • Security – As a priority InCloud Sync provides high-level security with Single sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory or any SAML-based authentication system.
  • Data Sovereignty – When used with our Cloud Storage solution, customers can ensure that files uploaded to the Cloud will only be stored in UK-based Data Centres.

l environment for our customers to use any existing application level replication technologies built into their critical applications, between the two or more physical locations.

We use our Server Replication service for those servers or applications that cannot be protected by inbuilt application level replication, or for those that our customers wish to protect using our replication technology.

Protecting mission-critical applications is not only about copying data. Rather, it is about ensuring application recovery, protecting from logical errors and frequently testing failover to ensure an organisation can recover the applications, settings and files when needed.

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