Ultra Low Latency

With our global carrier agnostic network, IntaCloud can connect established and emerging markets, enabling profitable trading opportunities across the most independent, stable and fastest network infrastructures of our 2,000 carrier/ISP partners available worldwide.

We also offer fully diverse and protected paths across the globe, using many different providers and cable systems — all bundled into a single service with one contact, one SLA, one 24×7 GSC and one invoice.

Connecting all major financial exchanges across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North America, we are committed to improving exchange access for our financial customers.

As a result of our carrier neutrality, we are able to focus on the requirements of our clients instead of pushing our own assets. Because of this, we are in a unique position to help banks, high-frequency traders (HFTs) and algorithmic traders, exchanges, market data providers and the whole finance community build a secure global network as their foundation for competitive advantage. This can include a hybrid solution with fixed and wireless ultra-low latency combined.


Ultra-Low-latency global coverage

The services provide global coverage with ultra low latency paths between key trading locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

You’ll have access to the largest number of trading venues over the fastest connections, helping you deliver your multi-asset strategy, deal with shorter opportunity cycles or tighter spreads, and pull ahead of the competition.


Optimised performance and availability

To ensure the best performance, our ultra low latency network services are built on high-speed fibre and microwave links; and use the smallest possible number of media converters, hops and network devices.

  • Network infrastructure of 2,000 carrier/ISP partners worldwide
  • Available between every financial exchange
  • Serves 75% of automatic trading desks
  • Bespoke connectivity anywhere in the world
  • Single Service with one contact, one SLA, one 24×7 Support team


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